About Me

5 words to describe me

My day job
i am a social media strategist and content copywriter in Denver, CO at a great internet marketing and web development agency downtown called Fusionbox! 

What I do for fun
road bike
playing my clarinet
taking pictures
being creative

Meet Matt
this is matt. i met him more than 4 years ago at a halloween party and he was the only guy at the party not wearing a costume. we started talking on facebook on thanksgiving about how full we were and how great of a cook i am. our second date, i tried to impress him by cooking a lovely meal and accidentally burnt it. he said it was really good. that's when i knew this was going to go somewhere. we like to sleep in on the weekends, watch top gear and random tv until 3am, and he pushes me to do a lot of outdoorsy stuff even when i dont want to. he has helped me and supported me through this whole blog process. he is my contractor when i need something made and he is my boyfriend!