Jan 12, 2012

DIY Stone Trivets and Coasters

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This DIY project began when my sister and I were surfing Pinterest for some great wedding ideas. We came across a picture of a pot sitting on a stone trivet. My sister jokingly said, “You should make me that for Hanukkah.” And guess what… I did. And now you can make them too!trivet step 10Materials- All materials I found at Home Depot
· Stones- I found the flat ones used for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, this ensures that there is no unevenness in the trivet
· 2 large tiles and 2 small tiles (large for trivet, small for coaster)
· Pre-mixed grout- they come in different colors, I used beige
· Tile Adhesive
· Sponge
· Cheesecloth
· Grout float- or anything flat to spread the adhesive and grout
· Grout sealer- optional
· Felt I had lying around
Steps to making the trivets and coasterstrivet step 11. Take off all of the stones from the netting (skip this step if you bought individual stones)trivet step 22. Take your grout float and spread the tile adhesive on to the back of the tile (the less shiny side)trivet step 33. Immediately arrange your stones to your liking (make sure to press down into the tile adhesive)trivet step 44. Let dry 1-2 days (until dry)
5. Apply grout with grout float to the tile (get in all of those spaces)trivet step 56. Use a wet sponge on the tile to smooth out the grout and remove grout from top of stonestrivet step 67. Let dry for at least one day (1-3 days says the tub)
8. When grout is dry, rub the stones with a cheesecloth to clean it
9. Optional- seal the grout with grout sealer and paint brush and let sit for a few minutes, then rub off with a paper toweltrivet step 710. Cut felt into circles and glue onto each corner of the bottom of your tile, this also works with small pieces of rubber (this ensures that the trivets and coasters don't scratch your counter-tops and will not slip when placing a pot on top)trivet step 8trivet step 9I hope you enjoy these as much as my sister is!


  1. oh my gosh you just blew my mind.

    i used to work in this store that sold art and this one artist had this strange little sculpture. my boss always called it a "trivet" and i thought that was some sort of art/sculptural term...you know like diptych and triptych.

    but it's a real useful thing? whew! i could have totally sold that if i'd know what it was for! lolol

    1. lol! That's great! For the longest time I forgot the name of it so I called it a "potholder" :)

      Maybe now you can make trivets!


  2. what a fun project!! I would totally use a bunch of bright color stones - maybe I should add it to my long list of things to make ;) xoxo B

    1. I am posting another tutorial on EASY tile coasters which uses those tiny tiles. But you can use what ever materials you like. that's what's so great about grout- it keeps everything in place! Home Depot has a great tile section to get some ideas!

      Let me know how it turns out!

  3. Nice Idea! I like the colors of the stones, I love handmade gifts.