Dec 30, 2011

2012 Calendar and Organizer- Free Printable

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Howdy! As we cross off the last days in our 2011 calendars, we are looking for new ones in 2012. I have made a free printable 2012 calendar and organizer.

Download your free calendar here

Tips on printing: when you are ready to print, go to your printer properties and make sure to print on both sides (manually if you don't have a double-sided printer) and print on short edge instead of long edge. This makes it so your organizer page will not print out upside down.

I took mine to get printed at FedEx Office because I don't have a color printer, and I asked them to print it like a calendar. They also bound it at the top. If you print it at home, it is easy to punch holes into the top of the calendar and tie with yarn, ribbon, or add metal rings to keep your pages together!


*If you have any problems with printing, please let me know and I can help you. I would love feedback too!


  1. I LOVE your calendar BUT can you save it as a PDF - it isn't downloading or printing correctly - HELP!!

  2. I really like this calendar/organizer as well; I'm having the same problem. Please Help :)

  3. Hi! Sorry for the trouble. When you click download and the screen pops up with the calendar, click download at the bottom, it should automatically pop up the document in Adobe Reader.

    Then go to 'File' and then 'Save As' then 'PDF'

    Or you can just print without saving. Go to your printer properties then 'finishing' tab and then click 'Print on both sides manually' and then click 'flip pages up (Booklet Printing)'

    I hope this helps! If you are having problems still, when I get home from work tonight I will send you another copy that might work better!


  4. What an awesome calendar/planner!!! AND FREE TOO? THANK-YOU!!! I love it!!!

  5. Loved it! Congratulations! Thank you SO much!

  6. I am so bummed I cannot get this to print! I am on a mac could that be a problem?

    1. Hi, I apologize you are having troubles printing! I dont think a mac should be a problem, but I actually don't have a mac! If you tell me whats going on, I can ask one of my friends who has a mac to print and see what's going on.
      Hope we can figure this out!

  7. I am unable to print this without paying a fee to scribed.

    Shelley Brumley