Jan 16, 2012

My New Etsy Design Shop 'LOVE UR BLOG'

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It has been a long process of learning how to design my own blog, that's for sure! There is still more work to be done until I am 100% satisfied and every time I see a new blog out there I love, I think to myself mine can be a lot better than it is right now. This leads me to learning more and more about customizing my own blog without paying for one, which I've thought of many times.

With that said, don't you just wish you can buy ONE thing that you want to do to your blog without having to buy the whole enchilada? Well, my Etsy Design Shop is now open and it's called "LOVE UR BLOG'

You can buy things a la cart (and when I post it, full on blogger templates, affordable for the common blogger). At some point (after the e-course I'm currently writing) I will offer a way to design your own blog! Wouldn't that be great?

Want a cool nav bar like mine? Check out my very first listing in LOVE UR BLOG!


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