Feb 9, 2012

French Blog Header Design With Sketch

Hello! I am super excited because I am designing a blog for my friend Brigitte who lives in Switzerland for grad school. She will be traveling different countries for school and she wants to start blogging about it. Brigitte loves fashion and France so I wanted to make a blog that shows these characteristics.

Here is the beginning of the blog= blog header. I am in love with it, I dont know about you. I sketched the woman out on paper, took a picture of it, and made a header out of it. Schnazzy!

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 Like this sketch? You can buy the print here.

Also, last night I took a short video about why Brigitte loves Switzerland. I hope when she starts blogging, you get to read some of her stuff! She can be found at www.fleurdebri.blogspot.com. But remember, it's not entirely done yet!

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