Feb 9, 2012

Social Media E-Commerce Tip: Utilize Etsy's Shop Stats to Increase Shop Visitors

I was looking through Etsy's new shop stats for my LoveURblog shop and I noticed that there was a HUGE jump one day in visitors. I thought to myself.. well, what happened that day? What did I do that I got sooo many visitors?

Me being in Social Media, I decided to investigate. I went back to my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Blog posts to look at the dates of my posting. I looked for January 16 and found that I had posted something on my blog introducing my new blog shop. That was probably it. In my blog post, I linked to my shop and somehow brought people from my blog to my Etsy shop. Brilliant, huh?

So what can YOU do with this information? Find the days that you have a high number of visitors and check all of your postings and see if you had anything to do with your shop view increase. If your readers liked a certain blog post that brought them to your store, then write more of them. If you found that posting a "product of the week" on your Facebook brings the most people to your store... then do that more!

Also, take a look at your conversions too. When are people buying? If they buy a certain time of the day or week, keep doing what you're doing and do that more too.

Statistics come in use for more than just seeing how many views you got. Monitor them, learn them, utilize them and improve your strategy based on them.

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