Mar 4, 2012

Bridal Shower Outfit Inspiration #2

You may have already seen my last Bridal Shower Outfit Inspiration #1 from my Polyvore collections, but if you haven't let me bring you to speed: This month I'm going to my sister's Bridal Shower in New York and I'm trying to decide what to wear! Help me out and let me know which outfit you think looks best for a NYC party and I will let you know which outfit I pick!

Here is outfit inspiration #2:

Why I like this look:
  • I'm in love with long dresses (if I were taller and skinner, they would probably be the only thing I wear)
  • Because there are no straps, I though this dress would look nice with a big chunky necklace
  • I've heard the new style is color blocking
  • In case it gets chilly, I've picked a random colored blazer (like I said, I don't like to match on most occasions, but I love this color jacket)
  • Why do I always pick yellow shoes???? In any case, I love these yellow flats to match the yellow stripe in the middle of the dress


  1. I think I like set 1 the best :) When is your sister tying the knot?

    1. She is getting married May 24 in Rhode Island!